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Welcome to the world of 3D Printing! This is a basic guide on how to print items with the 3D Printer. 


Get a Design

You can search or browse for objects ready to print or customize. You can go to the sites listed here or many other sites for free designs.  

  1. Thingiverse
  2. My Mini Factory
  3. All3DP

You can also design your own 3D object using 3D modeling software. The Midlothian Public Library will not download applications onto our computers; however, Tinkercad is a free web browser application.  

  1. Tinkercad - Free and no downloading needed. 
  2. Sketchup - Must be downloaded to your own computer. 
  3. Autodesk - Must be downloaded to your own computer. 

Staff is not responsible for creating designs or assisting you with creating them. It is completely up to you to design or obtain your own creation. 


Send Your Design to Library 

  1. Email your print request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as a .STL file. 
  2. Cost: $1.00 per ounce (minimum $1.00 per item). Staff will respond to the requester’s email with a cost quote. 
  3. Pay for your print at the Checkout Desk. 
  4. Printing is also available on a first-come, first-served basis.  
  5. Library staff will contact you by email when you can pick up your job. Typically, designs will be printed in 1 to 2 weeks.*

*Currently all projects are printed with white filament.


Rules and Regulations

The library is unable to print items larger than 5”x 5” X 5” or that are likely to take more than 7 hours to print. It is up to the Public Services Manager if a print is accepted or not.  

 For a full list of items that may not be printed and our complete rules and regulations, please see our 3D Printer Policy


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