The homebound delivery program at Midlothian Public Library provides library services to individuals who are residents of Midlothian and are unable to physically come to the library. “Homebound” is defined as generally being confined to one’s residence either temporarily due to illness or accident, or permanently due to disability, age, or other mobility issues. In most cases, if a patron drives, he/she would not be considered homebound.

To receive homebound services, you must be a resident of Midlothian and have a current library card in good standing. If you do not have a library card, an application for a card can be signed during the first homebound visit.

To apply for homebound services, please call the library at (708) 535-2027 and ask for the Homebound Coordinator, fill out an application online, or print and return a form.

Once you have replied, a staff member will contact you to explain how to request materials. A schedule of delivery will be set up during regular library business hours, depending upon your needs and the availability of library staff. Designated library staff are available to assist you in selecting materials.

Homebound Services Policy

Homebound Application (Online)

Homebound Application (Printable)