Upcoming Library Building Exterior Renovation

You may have noticed in recent years that the library’s exterior has been starting to look worn and damaged. I’m happy to announce that starting this June, the library will undergo a complete exterior renovation!

Why? When the library was built in 1991, the incorporation of certain design features and new construction materials inadvertently led to ongoing problems with water infiltration and poor insulation. These problems, combined with normal wear and tear on the building, created a situation that is untenable. Last November, when pieces of the building’s exterior cladding began to fall off and the library closed for emergency repairs, it became apparent that urgent action was necessary.

What will be renovated? Everything–exterior cladding, insulation, skylights, windows, roof, doors, and landscaping.

Why all at once? Because one system of the building depends on the others, replacing one part without the others would cause repetition of work down the line. Also, doing one construction project rather than several allows certain costs (such as scaffolding and fencing) to be paid for once rather than multiple times.

How much will it cost? Approximately $3.2 million.

How will the library pay for it? The library has borrowed $2.75 million by issuing debt certificates, which means that the library is taking out a loan. The remainder will be paid from the library’s savings.

Will my property taxes go up? Yes, but very slightly. Incrementally, over a period of three fiscal years (2019, 2020, and 2021), the library is adding a total of $350,000 to its annual levy for the purpose of paying off the borrowed money and saving for future capital needs. For a household that owns a property valued at $100,000, this is a tax increase of $16.33 per year.

How long will it take? About one year. The renovation should be complete by July 2021.

Will library service be disrupted? The library will have to close for approximately one week while scaffolding is installed both inside and outside the building. You will be directed to other libraries for service during this brief period. Otherwise, scaffolding and enclosures will protect library users, materials and equipment so that the library can continue to operate throughout the project. During construction, we will ask you to bear with the temporary inconveniences that such a project causes, knowing that there will be a great payoff—a building that is safe, watertight, and sustainable for many years to come! In the coming months, please watch future newsletters for more specific details about what to expect when. In the meantime, to ask questions or to share your thoughts, please do not hesitate to contact me or to attend a public meeting of our Board of Trustees, which occur on the third Tuesday of each month at 7 pm at the library.

Jennifer Cottrill, Library Director