Dear Library Patrons,

Today outside of the Library Building there were members of the carpenters’ union who were present and demonstrating tax fraud as it relates to construction projects. The union was not targeting any particular project or work done at the Library, but the Library is one of many sites at which the union is or will be demonstrating over a period of several days in order to get their message out. In general, the alleged tax fraud the union is protesting purportedly relates to the misclassification of and cash payment of construction workers.

In that regard, Midlothian Public Library strongly supports compliance with all applicable laws relating to construction regulation and expects all of its contractors and vendors to fully comply with the same, as is required by the contracts we execute.

Employers suspected of employee misclassification should not be reported to private groups but should be directly reported to the government through the Employee Classification Act Portal, which can be found through the Illinois Department of Revenue here:

In addition, any violations of workplace wage rules can be reported to the Illinois Attorney General here:

Consumer complaints regarding unfair competition or business practices can be reported here:

We vigorously pursue available remedies against contractors and vendors found to be in breach of their obligations to comply with Federal, State or Local laws.

Should you wish to discuss any of the above points with me personally, I would invite you to contact me at the email address or telephone number below.


Jennifer Cottrill, Library Director

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