In light of the fact that the Governor has signaled that he will lift the statewide mask mandate in indoor public places on or around February 28, at its February 15 meeting, the Midlothian Public Library Board of Trustees reevaluated its own mask mandate as set forth in the Temporary Amendments to the Patron Behavior Policy for the COVID-19 Pandemic. At many times during this pandemic, the Library Board, as a unit of local government, has moved at a more cautious pace than the State of Illinois as a whole, and again the Board has decided to take this approach. As a result, Midlothian Public Library plans to tie the lifting of its own mask mandate to CDC guidance.

Currently, the Library Board plans to lift its requirement of masks inside the library, per current CDC guidelines, when Cook County enters a level of "moderate" community transmission, as reported by the CDC Covid Data TrackerToday's current level of community transmission is "high." In addition, the Board will reconsider this policy monthly at its board meeting to assess the continued need for mitigations.

The Library Board is aware that the CDC has announced that it is currently considering a revision to its guidance on masks in indoor public places. When new guidance is issued, the Library Board will meet to discuss and revise its own policies. We ask the public's patience with this process.

If you would like to express your opinion on this matter to the Library Board, you are welcome to attend their next meeting, held Tuesday, March 15 at 7:00 PM in the main library area, to send the Trustees and email at their addresses listed on our website, to send a letter to them care of the library, or to drop off a comment in one of the library comment card boxes. In addition, please feel free to direct any questions to me personally.