Dear Library Patrons,

If you missed our June Conversation Café at the library, fear not, you have another chance in July!

What is Conversation Café?

Conversation Café is a way of connecting with your neighbors in the community by replacing "small talk" with "big talk" about ideas that are important to us as human beings.

Each Conversation Café is a 90-minute structured, hosted conversation that uses a simple format and ground rules to help people feel at ease and to give everyone a chance to speak. Each Conversation Café focuses on a topic, and questions are posed to invite connection, reflection, and response. When held in person, participants take turns speaking around a circle, but for this summer, the library will be hosting its Conversation Cafés on Zoom. No one needs to feel like an “expert” on the topic because participants are encouraged to speak from their own experience. Also, at any time, it is fine to simply listen. Format and discussion questions will be emailed to participants in advance, but no homework is expected!

What's This Month's Conversation Café?

On Monday, July 19, from 6:30 to 8:00 PM, the library will host a Conversation Café on the topic of Passing the Baton. This session will use the metaphor of a relay race to invite participants to reflect on the baton of experiences they have been passed by their families, communities, and society--and which of those “batons” are beneficial to pass on to those who come after us and which are best to leave behind.

The program is free, but registration is required. To register and to get the Zoom link to join, go to our Online Event Calendar.

What Does the Future Hold?

In August and September, we will transition to holding Conversation Cafés in person. Check your forthcoming August-September newsletter for dates and topics!

If you have questions about this or any other library program, please call us at the phone number listed below!

Looking forward to seeing you!

Jennifer Cottrill, Library Director

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