As many of you know, this Saturday, May 1 is M.A.R.S. (Midlothian Annual Reuse Sale) Day. Also called the "Village Wide Garage Sale Day," this is a day when any resident of Midlothian may host a garage sale without a permit. This year, the library has a number of old furniture and decorative items that we will no longer need and would love for you to reuse. All items will be priced at $10, $5, $2, or $1--or your best offer! Proceeds will benefit the library. 

Midlothian residents interested in participating in M.A.R.S. Day should call Village Hall at (708) 389-0200. For questions about library items for sale, call us at (708) 535-2027.

Reduce, reuse, recycle!

Chairs ($2 each)

ChairBlack ChairBeige AtlasStand ChairMagenta




Desks & Desk Accessories ($5-10 each)

Deskbeige1 DeskBeige2 DeskGrey DeskCabinets


Paintings & Pictures ($1 each)

PaintingFish PaintingFlowers1 PaintingFlowers2 PaintingPasture  
PictureXmas  PaintingOwl      


Miscellaneous ($5-10 each)

AtlasStand PuzzleBox