Libraries are committed to following the values of our profession as set forth by American Library Association (ALA). These values include equity, diversity and inclusion, social responsibility, and lifelong learning. At this moment in history, Midlothian Public Library follows the example of the ALA and the Illinois Library Association in declaring that we stand against racism and systemic injustice in all forms. In the words of the ALA, “Wherever it resides, racism leads to degradation. It weakens our institutions and destroys our communities and is one of the greatest obstacles to the American Library Association’s mission ‘to enhance learning and ensure access to information to all.’”

Midlothian Public Library is committed to creating a library environment where all are welcome and treated with dignity and respect. We endeavor to provide educational resources to assist members of our community of all ages to learn about the realities of racism and injustice and to build a library collection that reflects the diversity of human experience. We pledge to engage in ongoing self-examination to ensure that bias and discrimination have no place in the practices, policies or procedures of this institution. In doing so, we aspire to do our part to eradicate racism from society and create a more just world.

Jennifer Cottrill, Library Director and the Midlothian Public Library Board of Trustees