Our Mission: Promote the power of knowledge and provide the community access to information for the fulfillment of its educational, cultural, professional, and personal interests.

1Provide materials, programs and services that respond to expressed community interests.

1.1 Gather and analyze data to identify community interests and evaluate current offerings.

1.2 Use that data analysis to improve our material, program, and service offerings.

2 Raise community awareness of library resources.

2.1 Expand the impact of the library’s print and digital promotional activities.

2.2 Seek new opportunities for person-to-person networking and library presence at community events.

2.3 Adopt practices from the field of marketing to build the library's brand.

3 Foster a library environment welcoming to all.

3.1 Promote a culture of equity, diversity, and inclusion among staff.

3.2 Examine library policies, practices, and programs, and services to eliminate barriers.

3.3 Integrate EDI perspective into all aspects of routine library activities.

4 Collaborate with other organizations to meet community needs.

4.1 Enlist support from other community organizations to present library programs.

4.2 Provide support to other community organizations whose missions coincide with our own.

5 Invest in technology to support the library’s service to the community.

5.1 Maintain and improve the library’s technological infrastructure.

5.2 Offer the public the technology to meet their expressed needs.