leafMost people think of libraries as spaces for indoor activities, but this late summer and autumn at Midlothian Public Library, we’re directing our attention to the outside world—to nature and our community. Join us as we Go Green in 2017 @ Midlothian Public Library!

Some of you joined us for the Midlothian Tree Walk with the Morton Arboretum in July. If you did and found it fascinating, if you didn’t and were sad you missed your chance, if you are looking to get involved in your community, or if you just love trees, come to the Community Tree Champions Info Session in August (details inside). The Village, the Park District, and the Library are working together to build a small corps of dedicated volunteers who will assist in inventorying and caring for Midlothian’s trees. No commitment is required at the initial session—just come and learn more about how ordinary citizens can make Midlothian a greener, healthier place!

Starting in September, the Library is excited to begin the three-part series, Pushing the Limits: Climate Change Impacts in our Community. These monthly Saturday morning sessions will be co-facilitated by our librarians and a scientist affiliated with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA). The format is simple: read a specific book in advance (recommended but not required), come watch a video about ordinary citizens and their response to extreme weather events, then discuss climate change and what communities can do at a local level to be proactive and resilient. Representatives from our local chapter of Rain Ready will be involved to share specific ways that Midlothian residents are responding to flooding issues in our village and ways you can get involved. See inside for all the details!

So come and join us as we think outside our walls this season and connect with our environment and the people around us! - Jennifer